I couldn’t believe my luck when I finally got my hands on this absolute powerhouse of a machine. I stood there, almost in awe, as it rumbled to life beneath my touch. The sheer size and power of it left me feeling intimidated, but in the best possible way. With every rev of the engine, I could feel a sense of excitement building inside me, spurring me on to ever-greater feats of daring and adventure. Malorie suggested the name Gossamer, which, to my mind, fits this fiery creature to a tee. It brings to mind images of red-hot flames and unstoppable destruction – a force to be reckoned with, and one that I could not be happier to call my own.

Journey took us through to the Iife

No kidding, when I first got on the machine and started moving, I felt so uncomfortable that I was almost regretting my decision to give it a try. The thought of falling off and looking foolish in front of others was also weighing heavily on my mind. But I persevered and after a few miles, I began to feel more confident and in control.

During our joinery home, we took a detour and headed towards Myrtle Beach. While it added a couple of extra hours to our trip, Maloire and I couldn’t resist stopping by our favorite spot, a crab bar that always serves up the most delicious seafood dishes. It was the perfect way to end an exciting and memorable day.


The ride lasted for about 7 hours, including a stop for lunch in the middle. Surprisingly, the journey wasn’t very challenging, perhaps due to the adrenaline rushing through my veins. However, I didn’t anticipate riding home in the dark and unfortunately forgot to bring my clear visor. As a result, the last few hours of the trip were quite difficult as the tinted visor was making it difficult to see clearly.

The rest of the journey through to Lagos was cool. Lucky for us traffic was light and we made very good time. We ended the journey at the Cauldron in Alausa with thanks to the Almighty for journey mercies


There was a point where i was overtaking a trailer on the rather rough side of the rode and right there the road suddenly went rougher, wetin man wan do na, so you increase your speed get past the trailer and bring your bike onto the road .