We began our day in the bustling metropolis of Mexico City, eager to make our way through the coastal city of Mazatlan. Despite our limited grasp of the Spanish language, we were able to effectively communicate our needs and desires. Following a satisfying lunch, we embarked on the road once again with the goal of reaching Nogales and crossing into the United States border, ultimately arriving in sunny San Diego.

Journey took us through to the Iife

While searching for alternative routes, I made the mistake of leaving my visor open, resulting in an unexpected encounter with a fly inside my helmet while traversing the highway. It was not a humorous situation – rather, I was quite distressed and nearly overcome by the incessant buzzing of the insect within my helmet. In fact, I was forced to make an emergency stop in order to remedy the situation and ensure my own safety.


Despite the light rain that never let up and the overcast sky that persisted throughout the day, we were thrilled to explore Vancouver and discover all its charm and beauty. From the breathtaking mountain views to the bustling markets, Vancouver never fails to thrill and impress us.

The rest of the journey through to Lagos was cool. Lucky for us traffic was light and we made very good time. We ended the journey at the Cauldron in Alausa with thanks to the Almighty for journey mercies


There was a point where i was overtaking a trailer on the rather rough side of the rode and right there the road suddenly went rougher, wetin man wan do na, so you increase your speed get past the trailer and bring your bike onto the road .