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It's Personal

Two middle-aged men who have been inspired by their inner passion to complete an extraordinary journey. Their determination is not just to impress others but to challenge themselves and overcome their age, and ultimately prove to themselves that they can achieve the seemingly impossible.


Motorcycles and motorcycle owners are on a downward trajectory, but that doesn't mean the passion for riding has gone away. We believe that by creating unique and engaging content, we can bring together all types of riders and even attract non-enthusiasts to the excitement of motorcycle culture. With our efforts, we hope to invigorate the community and reignite the love for motorcycles.

For a cause

During the course of their personal journey, it became clear to them that their purpose was to shed light on important topics that have unfortunately impacted their lives and loved ones. As a result, they are driven to raise awareness and bring attention to these crucial issues, while striving towards personal growth and progress.

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From the mountains to the ocean

The winding roads through the mountains offer an exhilarating and exhilarating ride that few experiences can match. To ensure one's safety while zipping through the…

West Coast Tour

Despite the light rain that never let up and the overcast sky that persisted throughout the day, we were thrilled to explore Vancouver and discover…

Adventure In Charleston, SC

I couldn't believe my luck when I finally got my hands on this absolute powerhouse of a machine. I stood there, almost in awe, as…
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