As I set out on my journey today, I found myself wondering about the mysterious location of Offa. Despite my trusty GPS not working, I forged ahead on my adventure, covering thousands of miles until I finally arrived in this enigmatic destination.

Journey took us through to the Iife

Now the burning question is: How in the world do I make my way back home from this unfamiliar territory?

Feeling a tinge of guilt for keeping Malorie waiting, I gave her a quick call to inform her that I may be tardy for dinner and urged her to indulge in a quick snack while she waits for my arrival.


The rest of the journey through to Lagos was cool. Lucky for us traffic was light and we made very good time. We ended the journey at the Cauldron in Alausa with thanks to the Almighty for journey mercies

What a crazy adventure.



There was a point where i was overtaking a trailer on the rather rough side of the rode and right there the road suddenly went rougher, wetin man wan do na, so you increase your speed get past the trailer and bring your bike onto the road .