Death Valley… Not so tough when your on a Pan America.

Let me tell you, I recently had the opportunity to test drive the Harley Pan America and I am blown away by its performance. From handling superbly on the road to effortlessly navigating through terrain off-road, this bike truly exceeded all my expectations.

The power and torque are simply amazing, yet the electronics on the Pan America are able to keep the bike under control in even the toughest conditions. Overall, I couldn’t be more impressed with this new addition to the Harley-Davidson lineup.


Journey took us through to the Iife

During my recent ride, I was exhilarated to try out my new helmet. The sleek and lightweight design made for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Additionally, the visor functionality was exceptional and added an extra layer of convenience to my ride.


Today was a massive success. This adventure bike truly surpassed all expectations and delivered everything that anyone could want for an off-road experience. The Pan America is truly an exceptional all-around machine.

The rest of the journey through to Lagos was cool. Lucky for us traffic was light and we made very good time. We ended the journey at the Cauldron in Alausa with thanks to the Almighty for journey mercies


There was a point where i was overtaking a trailer on the rather rough side of the rode and right there the road suddenly went rougher, wetin man wan do na, so you increase your speed get past the trailer and bring your bike onto the road .