Logo Design

Creating your own logo can be a simple process but you must keeping certain things in mind. Whether you are designing it yourself or hiring a graphic designer, you should always design with intention. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Represent what you do. Seems obvious but it can be easy to get caught up on a certain look or style and start to get too far away from what a logo actually is. Symbols or shapes should be recognizable up close or at distance. They should also represent what your company specializes in. The logo should be simple but unique.

Think beyond the page. Imagine your logo on a Shirt or a tote bag and really visualize or brand. You can even take it a step further and get some mockups of products to bring your brand to life.

1 color, 2 color, 3 color or more. Have several versions of your logo and keep it basic when it comes to detail. This will keep the brand icon, so to speak, very easy to adjust for more graphic design later.

Get a vector version of your logo. Do not just screen shot a fuzzy low resolution version of your logo. In large format or high resolution design or printing this will be a problem. You want smooth clean lines and edges not a blurry mess.

Create Your Own Logo

Canva Logo Maker

Canva also has an easy to use free version of their logo maker. You can also upgrade to premium membership to get even more features and designs.

Namecheap Logo Maker

You may know namecheap.com for their great deals on domains and hosting but did you also know they have other great features such as their free online logo maker. In just a few clicks you can have a professional and unique logo.

Build your website with Namecheap!

PosterMyWall.com is great due to its huge selection of automotive themed templates. They have thousands of additional designs and most are free to use! Upgraded accounts start at less than $10/month.
PosterMyWall Turtorial: https://youtu.be/mcBtfb-ukME

Canva Pro makes it easy for individuals to achieve their goals and create professional designs with premium features like Brand Kit, Unlimited Content, Background Remover, and more.
Canva Turtorial: https://youtu.be/yQl3n4Bg5-Q

Our content is easy to use and in some cases ready to publish! Add your logo to take capitalize on brand recognition. Content is all automotive themed from cars to motorcycles, designed for gearheads and even bassheads. No matter your passion or industry, we have you covered.
For graphic and web designers, additional products are available for advanced skill sets such as vectors in svg, png and ai formats.

Most content con be edited via your web browser. Customize and download right to your PC, smartphone, tablet or even post directly to social media.

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