T shirts and Merchandise

Selling Merchandise is the same process as selling decals however depending on the type of merchandise you may require different equipment. There are a lot of companies that will also drop ship or process your merchandise for you like TeePublic or Printful.

When selling any products or service make sure you have filed all legal paperwork for taxes and have obtained any sales tax certificates that may be required. Hiring an accountant may be the right choice as well depending on the scale of your sales.

Now that you business is an official entity, its time to build your brand.

  1. Professional Branding. Your Logo represents your brand and should be designed with that in mind. Learn more about logos and design in our Small Business Solutions Guide.
  2. Getting the right equipment. When selling merchandise research and consider the right equipment. A small setup may include just a cricuit cutter or a large operation may want a high production plotter.
  3. Start designing. Create your own designs, use free templates or purchase pre made designs. Be sure to have catchy and funny slogans for phrases if selling to the general public.
  4. Calculate your margins and expenses. Make sure your price leaves room for expenses such as material costs, payment processing, advertising and labor.
  5. Setup an online store or sell at events. Create a website or sell on platforms such as Etsy to reach a wide audience. Or setup a booth at a local car meet or show.

PosterMyWall.com is great due to its huge selection of automotive themed templates. They have thousands of additional designs and most are free to use! Upgraded accounts start at less than $10/month.
PosterMyWall Turtorial: https://youtu.be/mcBtfb-ukME

Canva Pro makes it easy for individuals to achieve their goals and create professional designs with premium features like Brand Kit, Unlimited Content, Background Remover, and more.
Canva Turtorial: https://youtu.be/yQl3n4Bg5-Q

Our content is easy to use and in some cases ready to publish! Add your logo to take capitalize on brand recognition. Content is all automotive themed from cars to motorcycles, designed for gearheads and even bassheads. No matter your passion or industry, we have you covered.
For graphic and web designers, additional products are available for advanced skill sets such as vectors in svg, png and ai formats.

Most content con be edited via your web browser. Customize and download right to your PC, smartphone, tablet or even post directly to social media.

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